Reconnects us to our Inner Nature



awakening our full human potential


our capacity for joy


the energetic flow of our meridian system


clarity and inner peace

Elevates our vibrational energy


Yoga of Joy

Yoga of Joy is a dynamic system of Vajrayana and primordial yoga from the lineage of Himalayan Master Yuan Miao. Through a combination of breathwork, postures, mantra, mudra, visualization, and intention, Yoga of Joy empties the mind, relaxes the body and opens the heart. It effectively restores the energetic flow of our meridian system, thereby balancing our Yin and Yang aspects, blood and qi. By harmonizing both our gross and subtle bodies, Yoga of Joy reconnects us to our Inner Nature and awakens our full human potential. By abiding in simplicity, relaxed awareness and compassion, we return to our primordial state of emptiness wisdom while embodying the essence of pure joy, playfulness and true liberation.

Yuan Miao

Benefits of Yoga of Joy

Transforms body, breath and mind

Stabilizes our central channel

Purifies and releases heavy emotions

Teaches us to “hold center” skillfully in all situations

Potentiates our self-healing abilities

Harmonizes Yin and Yang

Deepens our awareness of subtle energies

Restores our capacity for joy

Elevates our vibrational energy

Awakens our intuition

Promotes clarity and inner peace while helping to heal the collective suffering of humankind

“The foundation of all spiritual arts is relaxation, then silence, wisdom and lastly, action. If we remember this, we will not easily be overwhelmed by emotions, experience hurt or tiredness. We can play with life!.”
New Century Foundation
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