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Mantras & Mudras


Guan Shi Yin Pusa Mantra

There are two kinds of mantra: tangible and formless.

Mantras are also known as “true words” or Fan Yin, and arise out of affinities. They follow the natural laws of “emptiness” and the appearance and disappearance of affinities.

Another type of mantra, Shakti Fan Yin is rare, non-verbal and belongs to the Highest Tantric Yoga realm. Shakti Fan Yin carries and transmits high vibrational energies of Shakti and the cosmos. Originating from a Buddha or Bodhisattva’s sacred practices and vows, they emit the unique physical and spiritual states of enlightened masters.

The sounds of true mantras or Fan Yin emerge from “emptiness,” bear no obstacles, arise from affinity, and spontaneously manifest throughout the chakras. Only true Fan Yin or mantras carry the essence of supernatural, mystical power.

Shakti Fan Yin are revealed to masters and sages during deep meditation and can include syllables, single sounds, words or groups of words. They transcend ordinary human speech and are received by super-consciousness. They uplift and guide spiritual seekers to a state of supreme perfection. Depending on the practitioner’s attainments and depth of understanding, higher levels of meaning can be accessed directly through mantra or Fan Yin, thereby opening the way to the subtlest, elevated states of consciousness. This remains the noble legacy of Fan Yin and mantra.

Imbued with profound spiritual power, mantras serve as a bridge between Heaven and the human realm. Allow them to be your ultimate spiritual guides by regularly holding them in your consciousness.

Formless mantras or Fan Yin emerge from and actually are the serene sounds of stillness — the pause in “The great Tao silences speech.” A true master can actually radiate the power of Fan Yin through the wink of an eye or a small gesture. A statue of Buddha, a lotus, a cloud, even a tiny fish — all embody the inexplicable energies of Fan Yin. The potential to receive formless mantras or Fan Yin depends entirely upon who you are, and how you feel when Divine sounds vibrate within you.


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Mudras of the hands and body carry powerful energy when performed in association with various primordial sounds and visualizations, and can lead to beneficial results when practiced with a sincere heart.

Such benefits accrue because mudras hold the energetic key to secret codes which unlock the doors to the multiverse. They allow our body to receive, communicate and exchange energetically with the multiverse. 

Additionally, serving as opposite poles of magnetic fields in the human body, the hands are both the beginning and ending points of six energy channels or meridians. By activating the meridian system in specific ways, mudras can help harmonize dysfunction, and balance the human body. 

The profound and beneficial effect of sound vibrations or mantras upon the human body has been confirmed by modern science. When associated with mantras, visualizations, light and color, mudras can connect one to intangible messages of energy within the cosmos, and facilitate healing of the gross and subtle layers of the body.

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