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Guanyin is infinite compassion, infinite love. Possessing two sides, Guanyin might appear tender, nurturing, maternal, ancient and soft. or Guanyin might emerge as wrathful, fierce and relentless. What is important to realize is that underlying Guanyin’s wrathful energy is merely the genuine intent to heal us and cut obstacles and ignorance away for our own benefit and awakening. The essence of “wrathful” energy is ultimately compassion. Real compassion and pure, unconditional love. It is Guanyin who holds the Blue Pearl of our True Nature.

Guanyin is often depicted as a female Bodhisattva or Goddess of Mercy. Yet, Guanyin might also appear as an intimidating and wrathful male deity. In the Himalayas, Guanyin is also known as Avalokitesvara or Dorje Chenrezeig, the Buddha of Infinite Compassion. Millions around the world revere and pray to Guanyin. Although often typically associated with Buddhism, Guanyin exists beyond all religions, spiritual traditions, dogma and concepts. Guanyin is “formless” nature manifesting into infinite forms.

“Guan” means all knowing and “Yin” means vibration or frequency. The journey of “Guanyin” is to be all knowing – to hear and receive all frequencies and vibrations of the universe equally, without prejudice or judgment. This is true compassion. Guanyin transcends duality and includes all high consciousness beings without exception. Guanyin is the harmony of Yin and Yang and the divine aspect of our tears and prayers.


Existing beyond words, Guanyin’s true teachings are universal and can only be understood through the Primordial Heart. Listening from stillness, we hear Guanyin. In our essence, we are Guanyin — pure, formless energy. Guanyin’s teachings manifest in myriad forms, sometimes sweet, sometimes strong and bitter; yet always, these teachings emerge from the source of compassion. They compel us to complete the journey of ultimate wisdom — to go beyond form and formlessness, birth and death. From Guanyin’s many lessons of impermanence, we rise and rebirth as Phoenixes out of ashes and bloom as thousand-petaled lotuses: awakened, liberated and free.

"Guan Shi Yin Pusa"

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