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Retreat to Bali - 2014

During the 2014 Bali retreat, Miao explained that there are 4 kinds of joy:

  1. liking ourselves
  2. loving the world, so we can contribute
  3. liking our ancestors and sages in order to have Zen happiness
  4. liking “ultimate wisdom.”

In addition to this, there are four kings supporting our life:

  1. principles/practices
  2. wealth (material support)
  3. companions
  4. Earth/environment (home, country, etc.).

All of the “problems” in our life arise from these 8 aspects, however if we stay in “silent, relaxed space”– if we can rest in stillness and connect with superconsciousness, we can understand and hear the answers to these problems.

Ultimately, as Miao shared,

“There is no past. It never happened. And the future happened already.”

We must believe and understand this.




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