An Experimental Workshop with Teacher Miao - Be Fearless: Using the Yoga of Joy to Embrace the Inevitability of Death

The Yoga of Joy is not merely a yoga “practice,” but rather an entire Wisdom Way of living and embracing life, including cultivating the first awareness: that we will inevitably “die” one day. Every human being must face and one day embrace the greatest inevitability of death. Embody the Wisdom of Joy to become fearless and resolve anxieties or worries around death and dying. Engage spontaneous energetic practices and receive transmissions of Joyful Wisdom from Teacher Miao’s Himalayan lineage teachings.

Teacher Miao’s workshop is part of the 4th annual Integrative Medicine and Mental Health Conference at UCLA — The Healing Power of Spirit: Overcoming the Fear of Death & Dying, also spearheaded by Dr. Helen Lavretsky. The 2‑day weekend conference will be a profound and practical immersion in resolving our fears around death. Rather than just attend Teacher Miao’s workshop, we welcome our NCF community to attend as many events as possible to learn and transform our relationship with death and dying.

We have much to learn in the West around this sacred initiation and passage to the Spirit realms. We would like to acknowledge and honor especially those presenters who will appear before and after Teacher Miao on Sunday.

Years ago Teacher Miao shared with Felicia Tomasko, the Editor of LA Yoga, that the West needed to learn to celebrate death in the same way as we might a wedding or a birth. When this occurs, it will demonstrate that the West has transformed and deepened its understanding about “death.” She went on to say that most people in the West enter a negative, even depressive spiral around death of loved ones or even as we approach our own impending death; however, this can be changed through our own conscious intent to relate with death. By allowing death to be one of our “master” teachers, we can uplift ourselves and spiral “upward.”

Location: UCLA - Semel Institute C-Floor Auditorium, (C8-183)

Registration: Online registration is now closed. TO REGISTER: CONTACT UCLA CME OFFICE: 310.794.2620

Event Information

Event Date 03-10-2019 2:00 pm
Event End Date 03-10-2019 3:30 pm
Location UCLA - Semel Institute C-Floor Auditorium, (C8-183)
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