Phoenix Rising: A Mantric Journey of the Heart, with Himalayan Dakini Master Yuan Miao

The 21st century heralds the era of the legendary Phoenix, a mythical bird which burns itself to ash in order to be rebirthed anew. To embolden our Phoenix Rising energy in these unpredictable, auspicious and transformative times, Yuan Miao offers sacred mantras to open our hearts and empty our minds.

By delivering us into a state of receptivity and relaxed awareness, we realize our true origins of abundance, freedom, joy, wisdom and compassion. We recognize and celebrate our true interconnectedness, catalyzed by the vehicles of light and sound.

Through a spontaneous, heart-opening river flow of Sanskrit, Tibetan, Chinese mantras and primordial sounds, Yuan Miao offers us the opportunity to attune, harmonize and heal our subtle bodies and mind.

She will be accompanied by her diverse ensemble of extraordinary sound healing musicians. Reverberate with love, oneness and the auspicious energy of the universe. May you discover a reservoir of peace within and return to your true, Inner Nature.

Event Information

Event Date 09-16-2017 7:00 pm
Event End Date 09-16-2017 9:00 pm
Price Free to students and public
Location Loyola Marymount University (LMU)
New Century Foundation
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